In Summary

Formally trained in design and cross-disciplinary hermeneutics (the design of design) from years of study and practice in traditional architecture, I continue my professional growth in shaping the User Experience (UX) of digital interfaces and the Information Architecture (IA) of complex processes. With twenty years of design and execution in information technology, desktop publishing, and all aspects of Internet development—including accessibility, usability and mobility—I am passionate about shaping the UX of complex processes, like those in finance, healthcare, insurance, customer relationship management, and content management systems.

My experience and skillset are broad; so, I’ve divided it into two categories: Primary and Secondary.

Primary Experience

Information Architecture & User Experience

The following are skills I want to continue improving and growing.

Secondary Experience

Web Design and Development

Each of the following is either a skill that supports or informs my focused, primary skillset, or simply something I did in the past.

“Web Publishing” encompasses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the myriad protocols involved in publishing to the internet.
I can use any JS & CSS Framework, like JQuery, YUI, EXTjs, Blueprint; I can also extend them or create a custom one from scratch.


Here are a few interesting facts about me.


These are my top five talent themes according to the CliftonStrengths® assessment:

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